Amanokawa (milky way)



Image of the Star Festival.

Milky way in the night sky.

Would you take a break with this sweet?

 Ajissai (hydrangea)



Hydrangea is turning its color day by day.

So we change the color and the form of this sweet.

However the taste not vary.

Tsubomi (Bud)



Talking of the summer flower, in Japan it is a morning glory.

This sweet expresses the bud of morning glory.


The closer the summer comes, the higher the temperature rises.

When you eat this, it drives away your weariness.

Asa no hana (Morning glory)



Flower of a morning glory.


Because a morning glory blooms as the Star Festival in Edo era of Japan, the morning glory is a bringer of good luck which expresses that Altair meets Vega.


Now in Japan the morning glory is one of the most popular flowers.

You're surely attracted to this pink and green color.

 Yozora (The starry sky)



The darkness covers the sky.

The gilt expresses the twinkling stars.


This is a marvelous sweet!

Would you take one as a gift of Nara sightseeing?