Hayasaki (early spring)



Image of early cherry blossom.

Our original sweet. Feel beautiful spring.


Flower in the snow

         Falling down the ground so

                Waking up spring show

Haru yo koi (I wait for spring)



Image about  "Spring has come to Mt. Wakakusa"

Pink and green color express a spring scene of Mt. Wakakusa.


Cherry color around me

           I'm longing for spring scene

                I know where it is seen

Hanagoromo (sweet covered flower)



Covering yellow beans paste with kimono,

we express "spring has come"


In spring days

          I'm wearing cherry dress

                Warm and pleasant

Sawarabi (shape of wild vegetable)



 ~Bracken budding

           Delight song singing

                spring breeze dancing


Harugasumi (spring haze)



 ~Color of cherry

         Turning to young leaves

             Still remaining jelly




Excellent combination of too much beans paste and mugwort flavor.

Enjoy this springy feeling.


Mugwort flavor

         Faraway calling spring flavor

             Maybe you see spring favor



Because these are seasonal specialties they can't be sold in some cases.

Please be understanding of this beforehand.