Only during Halloween!!

This sweet tastes mild sweetness of pumpkin.

And The Most important Thing about this sweet  is so cute design! 


Would you give the children this sweet as a Treat ??

Momiji Shigure (Rain of the Autumn Leaves)



Suddenly the autumn rain blows off red-colored leaves.

After the rain you will find so many leaves around the ground.


Vivid Colors of this sweet show you such the fantastic scene.

Momiji Gari (Viewing the Autumn Leaves)



This sweet expresses red-and-yellow-colored maple leaves.

Would you eat this sweet with Viewing the Autumn Leaves?


Surely you have a great experience!

Kimori (Saving the persimmon tree)



One persimmon remains as he saves the tree.

Such a scene gives you not only loneliness but the cute feeling. 


Please eat while imaging such the scene.

Kouringiku (Chrysanthemum of Kourin Ogata)



"Kouringiku" is...

originally indicates a design of chrysanthemum which Kourin Ogata makes, who is the the artist in Edo era.

Would you eat one with Japanese tea?

Surely you can spend a special time in the afternoon. 


Yakiguri (Roasted Chestnut)



This sweet expresses the beautiful brown like a roasted chestnut.


Taste so good as the real chestnut.

Sagagiku (Chrysanthemum of Saga)



Sagagiku(Chrysanthemum of Saga) is the one which grows up as only viewing.

The beautiful design attracts many people.

This sweet expresses such the design and includes full of white beans paste.

Miyama no Nishiki (Beautiful Landscape of Mountains)




When you walk into a deeper mountain

You will see a beautiful scene with various colors.

We make this sweet for this image.

You will also like this vivid colors.