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Hatsu Kari (The First Wild Goose From The North)


A pair of wild geese fly to Japan in the winter.

Feel such a landscape.

Though we've rarely seen a bird of passage in Nara,

we can do enjoy it with this sweet!

Hatsu Shimo (First Frost)


The autumn leaves are leaving...

This sweet expresses the landscape of the first frost.

Three colors, red, yellow and white, tell us the winter coming.

Enjoy the taste and the atmosphere!

Hatsu Kansetsu (The First Snow Cap)


It snows on the top of the further mountains.

And its vivid color changes white.

This sweet expresses a landscape of telling the winter coming.

Don't you feel the snow scene with this sweet in Kotatsu.

Kareno (Winter Field Only Awaits The Time When La Vida Awakes)


Plants are withered, the winter coming to a field.

This sweet expresses such a landscape.

Get the power from this sweet, and overcome this winter cold!

Please taste it!

Fuyu Gomori (Sleeping Now Till The Spring Comes)


The lives save the energy for spring,

With warmth and delight.

Taste this sweet while remembering such lives.

Fuyukodachi (Winter Tree That Shed Their Leaves Alone)


The winter coming, the trees shed their leaves.

Passing the autumn landscape to the winter one,

we can see a shine of the sun among the trees.

This sweet shows us the warmth of the sun.

Yuzu (Yuzu)


The winter is the harvest season of Yuzu.

In Japan it is popular Yuzu-yu that people soak in the bathtub with Yuzu in the winter solstice.

If you taste this sweet, you will feel full of white beans paste and a bit smell of Yuzu.

Namikimichi (On The Avenue)


The autumn, that the avenue is covered with fallen leaves,

is gonna the winter, that it has less fallen leaves.

Imagine a fallen leaf on the white avenue with snow.

Surely you will feel the melancholic scene.

Fuyu no Hana (Flower Of The Winter)


Camellia sasanqua is one of the representative winter flowers.

This sweet expresses the Camellia sasanqua.


In the language of flowers Camellia sasanqua is

"You overcome difficulties".

If you eat this, maybe you solve the troubles!?

Tatsutagawa (Tatsutagawa River)



Ikaruga of Nara is well known as Horyuji Temple.

Tatsutagawa River in Ikaruga is the best sight of the autumn leaves.


This sweet reminds you of such a beautiful scene.

Taste it!




Though Waffle is the Western confectionery,

this sweet has full of Japanese bean paste. It's compromise between Japanese and Western styles!

If you eat this, you can feel the both.