Kusa no Tsuyu (Dew on the grass)


One morning

You will find a drop on the grass shining.

You will feel cool in the summer morning because its temperature lowers comparing with the daytime.

This sweet expresses such a landscape.

This feature is cool, so you'll surely forget the summer heat for a moment.

Akai Bebe (Goldfish wearing red dress )




"Pretty goldfish wearing red dress"

Quotes  a children's song of Japan.

This sweet is the image of that landscape.


Would you take one as a gift ?

Surely it lets you forget the summer heat.

Zakago (Bamboo Basket)


Imagine one summer landscape------

you went fishing

you can see the mountain stream 

on your way home

in your basket some fishes------

This season is more and more hot.

You will feel cooler and cooler with this sweet, image of playing around the river.

Tagoto no Tsuki (Moon shines on the rice field)



One night in the summer

You wll find the full moon in the rice field.


Now in the urban area that landscape is rarely seen,

but you can feel it anytime with this sweet.


Kikyou (Japanese bell-flower)




Japanese bell-flower blooms out from summer to autumn.

Its root is good on health, available as a crude drug.

So when you eat this, it may ease your weariness !?



Shironeko no sippo (Tail of a white cat)

(pic. left)Omoshiroi (White tail, delightful tale)

(pic. right)Omoshirokunai (Yellow tail, shallow tale)

each ¥240



This sweet for

"Nyaramachi Neko Art (Naramachi Cat Art)" held in Naramachi.

Image of cat's tail.


Sawabe (Near the stream)



Image of diving beetle floating.

This sweet expresses one landscape of summer.

A diving beetle made of sugared beans swims in a stream.

Wasuregasa (Closed Umbrella)



Imagine one fine day in the rain season of Japan.

People close the umbrella and let it be.

I don't know how this sweet taste is in short.

Please taste it !

Kawakudari (River on a raft)



Image "going down a river on a raft", made of woods with forestry.

Lately there's rarely seen in Japan,

but you can feel the landscape in this sweet.