Koto no mai (Dance with Butterfly)


Nobori ayu (Ayu swimming upstream)



It is very sweet and looks cool. Image of the strength of the vivid ayu swimming upstream and freshness of clear stream.  If you eat this, the image of a big river will spread in your head.

Biwa (Loquat)




Biwa has vivid color and sweetness.

In Indian sutra It is said that the loquat cures every disease.

If you eat this, the illness is gone from you!?

Waka kaede (Green maple leaf)




Maple turns red in the autumn, but in the summer is deep green color.

The top of this sweet expresses the green maple leaf.

Would you take a rest under the shade of maple tree with this sweet?

Ajisai (Hydrangea)




Hydrangea is the symbol of japanese early summer.

This sweet color seems the hydrangea after the rain passes.

And it will ease your tired body because this is very sweet.

Kakitsubata (Iris)



Iris blooms near the waterside.

The language of flowers "iris" is "happiness".

If you eat, this sweetness will bring you the happiness.

Mizu Sumashi (Song of the silent river)


Sasayuri (Lily)




Sasayuri is lily of a species indigenous to Japan.

The language of flowers "Sasayuri" is "elegant" .

When you eat this, you'll be satisfied with "elegant" sweetness.

Hotarugari (Auld Lang Syne; old long since)



Firefly is symbolic of  japanese summer scenery.Yellow beans paste express a light of firefly. It makes this sweet fantastic that vegetable gelatine covers beans paste.

Waka ayu (Vivid ayu)



This sweet is a shape of ayu. You'll find when you eat.