Cat's hand (neko no te kashimasu)

each ¥240


Each color of cat's palm has the meaning, black may mean "Luck with money", red "Luck with love", yellow "Good luck", green "Luck with health".

Cute sweets formed cat's hand.

Enjoy paw pad !

Cats' meeting

each ¥250


A pair of cute cats sweets
For Nyaramachi Neko Festival (held nearby Naramachi every June)


Tsurushi gaki

each ¥220


sweets, white beans with persimmon jams,

sweet smell






You can feel a image of calm Ancient Nara.

Sweet but healthy taste

Enough reasonable to buy it.

Matsuba bolo

each ¥350


The more crispy cookies you eat, the more you want.

 Nyanko bolo (cat cookie)

Large ¥600

Small ¥150

 ※this picture shows large size.


size about 25 cm long and about 30 cm wide

Too cute to eat!

Maybe you wanna display this for a while.

Preservable about 3 months.

We can write a name for a gift.

(Please contact us in advance)

kitty bolo(small) ¥150



We can sell a smaller size ¥150